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My attempt at creating what I totally love to read…poetry!!

Trust Exercises

I prefer the silence and the darkness
I prefer it when I’m asleep and memory has little to do with anything
I prefer when your voice is loud
I prefer when your voice is all I hear
I prefer you

I spent the day sharing about your goodness
Enjoying it and wondering why you love me so
But before I slept you knocked on a door
You asked that I let you in
And I responded with tears and trembling
Proof that even though I wish otherwise
I have been keeping you out

I believe you and I don’t
I’m desperate to believe you always
You said Yes and Amen
Yes and Amen
It resounds in my Spirit
and calls out to me as I sleep
Yes and Amen

So now I hide under your wings
Where healing resides
You cover me and protect me
You are my strength and my hope.
Yes and Amen
You don’t lie.

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Never enough – Archives

My error was in thinking my love could heal your wounds
However deep it ran, my love was lacking from the get go
Kisses and hugs on rainy days
Did not stop the storm within your soul
That had been raging for years
Convincing you that you were not worth loving
That you were not al ready abundantly loved
Mine was not the voice you needed to hear
My words were not the ones you needed to believe
I see it now
Endless tears
Nights of chests caving in
Fighting for breath
Holding on to sanity
Feeling a great loss
I see it now
I interrupted your healing.
I pray you are well friend…
I asked as we slept
But your face turned to the ground
and your answer didn’t come
You will be well friend
Mine were not the hugs you needed
My love was never going to be enough

Archives 5 : You remind me

Soundtrack: You remind me – Andy Shauf ft Darryl Kissick

You are my person of peace
My favourite place in the world
A reminder of God’s goodness
His grace,His love!
My co-fridge opener πŸ˜‰
My cheerleader
My biggest fan
You fit right in there with my fam man πŸ˜…
Believing in me even when the dreams
aren’t concrete, YET
I am confident in all your promises
I don’t need manifestation to know they are true
By the time they show up, I would have been celebrating for years πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
You pray for me, in the moment
You let me know you are talking to the father about me
You hold my hand, you kiss my face
You love me with your eyes
You love me with your words!!!
You give to me!!!
Oh my,you give to me all of you πŸ˜„
With every line I write,
It just hit me πŸ”₯
You remind me so much of Christ 😍😍😍
“I love you” feels so inadequate

Archives 4: Tulina omubeezi

Soundtrack : Just a kiss – Lady Antebellum
Today I purpose to be productive
Playing in my head is Lady Antebellum’s
Just a kiss :), remember that song?
It defines so many things for me
It acknowledges that sometimes
The love ekusukako and you just want to
literally be joined to this person
It also acknowledges the beauty of savoring
Of taking our time
“we don’t need to rush it… ”

You make me feel safe
Thank you
Often times, we think of protection
And we think power banks and fist fights
But way beyond that
That holding hands
And forehead kissies
And forever hugs
I am not afraid to be alone with you

I know you will not surprise me
I know you are true to your word
I know you want to honour me
I know you want to honour us
You make me feel safe

I am grateful to God
I am overwhelmed by God’s love
He sent me you
He crafted specific things in you for me
He keeps me safe

I love you
And with God as our mubeezi
Plan to love you forever
With God as my lover
Plan to overflow into you
I love you



Archives 3 : Waist, Chest, eyes and lips

Soundtrack : Kiss me – Ed Sheeran

My hands around your waist
I come face to face with your chest
Chest, strong, welcoming, comforting chest
I rest my head there for a while
As I pray for a lifetime

My fingers intertwined at the back of your neck
I see chin, bearded manly chin
Rub my face against it
I tilt my head a bit
I am met by lips
The stuff my dreams are made of, lips
Whisperer of promises, lips
The fountain from which I will one day drink

Nose to nose
My hands on your face
Eyes, happy, sometimes longing eyes
Full of love and wonder, eyes
I love this lens
This one I will keep

Waist, chest, eyes and lips
Waist, chest, eyes and lips
Come kiss me my love

Archives 2 : Facts

Soundtrack : God gave me you – David Barnes

Fact :I have been seeing you in my dreams every day for the past few days
Fact : I am blessed to have you in my life
Fact : You make me super happy
Fact : You are a reminder of His goodness to me
Fact : I look forward to being called yours
Fact : I love looking at your face
Fact : I love holding your hands
Fact : I love when I am held by you
Fact : If I had my way, I would spend all my time with you
Fact : You are blessings galore
Fact : I get what Bey was on on that Drunk in love, Crazy in love, Dangerously in love, Countdown song
Fact : God gave me you
Fact : I love you
“You remind me of everything I love “