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My attempt at creating what I totally love to read…poetry!!

Maybe today

I want in

I want into your world

But that’s not happening,is it?

I press my nose against the glass that surrounds your heart

Longing to be invited to the inside

to mix in with the chaos

and maybe one day

be the calm in the rhythm

that place where you relax the foot on the pedal

take deep breaths and consider

consider me, us, together

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Let me in

I am my hair

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Image source:Google

I remember our relationship

as I do my hairstyles

It was dry and held back the day

It all started

I made an attempt that day,

to style it differently

I remember the first time you ran your hands through it

remarked how you loved its feel in your fingers

and the fact that I let you do that

so it became, to me, an affectionate thing

I had extensions installed

I sent you the pics

and you demanded that I see you that day

I remember the way you looked at me

a mix of bewilderment and desire

It made me shy

It made me warm all over

to have such effect on a person

It scared me too

You see, I wasn’t sure,

so I was taking small tentative steps

Yet you were galloping towards me

beckoning, almost begging

and you were winning me over

Then there were the cornrows

As much as I loved them,

and as fascinated as you were

those were dark times

The curtains had already started closing in your eyes

your heart  being shut away

and I was just at the door

seeing myself being pushed away

That came and went

and as fate may have it

so did we, our time, our moment, us…

I sought new

a cleansing ,a forgetting

a consolation…

At least my hair looks good

That kept me smiling for people

as my heart wept and fought for strength

at least my hair looked great

And just before the moment passed

Just as it hit the 2 month mark

A moment of weakness

An over-packed bar

A highly energetic dj

A few beers in

“I miss you”

“I miss you too”

How does it feel? Bad Really really bad There is no sweetness to this Just a bitterness that keeps growing A palpable bitterness It’s like someone keeps squeezing lemons into my veins Blood has never made lemonade Not mine at least I’ve been praying I’m … Continue reading

of friends and poems

I have many friends who love and write poetry but I think I have found my favourite one.

This is what I wrote, in a random moment where words just sprung to mind, I texted him one verse. I couldn’t go on. I was out of words but I thought who better to send these unedited random thoughts to. I was not wrong.

If I gave you my palm,
Would you read me my future?
Would it have brighter days ahead
or dark days that will put my strength to use
Will lines form across your face
as you see a horrible heartache looming ahead
or will they dance with joy
because “they are twins”

A couple of hours later, this is what he sent me in a text

“Beautiful Poem

Thinking about it.

I wrote something.”

Then followed that with these following lines

You gave me your palm before
Perhaps this would be an encore,
Our fingers intertwined
We traced each others lines,
What was soft and hard
Gave me a thing to think about.

In that rosy moment 
At Coffee at last
I did not tell you then
But what I saw, I’ll tell you now.

I read faith in gentle fingers
Resting in the moment;
I understood hope realised
After all our longing;
I touched love, your pulse
As I felt your cadence.

The paths I traced
I know do not change
They are found in the One
In whom we both rest.

Faith, Hope and Love
Will take you through the days
The bright, the grey
And those that you can’t explain.

I know if I read your palm today
You would have the same future I saw that day
One where you are found in the beautiful Son
One where no one can put out His marvelous Sun.

…and all I could manage was a simple, wow

All for you #UgBloggers7Days-Day 4

When he hugs me,
I  feel time slowing.
I am almost convinced that
when his long arms
find their way
around my frame,
God hits pause

Sometimes I am hasty with my hugs
As if it is something to simply get done with
But when he hugs me
I draw a deep breath
And think
“I really shouldn’t be thinking now”

Inhale. Inhale. Inhale.
Breathe him in,hold it
Let him into your lungs
Until you feel him in your blood
Just be and let him hug you


It’s easy to miss you, you know
Sitting next to you,finally
Hoping you will not…
and there you go
before my thought is complete
Something else demands your attention

Thinking about you is tricky
one of those,
bitter and sweet moments
sugar on raw mangoes kind of taste
teases your buds in a way
that makes you ask for more

Waiting for you is…
waiting for you feels worth it
So much yet to be discovered,
Treasured and stored;
and held
close, dear and hopefully
for a good while


I am one of those
You know, that type
I say things like
I like the way you laugh
and mean it
Things like
You have a nice smile
and mean it

On some days
I will slide my fingers through yours
Just to compare size
I will place a light one
on the back of your neck
just because.
Wrap my arms around you
because you are warmer

I will say let’s karaoke
for fun, even if we suck
I will invite you to dance
Because I absolutely love the song
I will dance around you in circles
until you get up and join me
I will leave you a note
just saying hi

I thought I’d let you know

One at a time, PLEASE

Cupid’s nemesis is in my house
He sits atop my front porch roof watching
Waiting to lay burdens heavy to whoever dares to draw near
Father won’t listen to daughter won’t speak to Father won’t listen
To the sound of pain cutting through the silence
the fear of desolation
and the overpowering awareness of helplessness.
Fingers pointing at him pointing at her

pointing at them pointing at it pointing at us
Everybody needs an outlet
Everybody releases through breath
Air becomes toxins become nourishment create dis-ease
Lungs are weighed down
Hard at work to preserve life
Light headed heavy hearted, I must push through
To thoughts of him with her in my stead
Of another one picking another one
Of how it is probably that time of year again
At least this I’m used to
This kind of pain my tears recognise
For now, this is all I’ll take


Often misunderstood by many.

Like a girl,longs to be taken at more than face value.

Attraction is a desire for recognition.

Attraction is a search for completion.


Not all like poles repel,some attract.

Because there is mutual ground,

something special,something that brings

an “us against the world quality”

to be understood without having to explain yourself,

to be seen for who you really are,

to be found.


Unlike poles do attract,

some more unlike than others.

To see something in another’s life,

something lacking in yours.

Wanting to be as close as possible thinking,

maybe just maybe it will rub off on me.

discovering that there are things about someone else

that are helping you understand yourself.

Being accepted where you are yet inspired onto greater.


Looking at someone & knowing you want them in your tomorrow.

Being set on fire not by the perception of the eyes

but your heart,your spirit…

attraction that comes from within

to things that are within still…