My Persis

My Persis. I have been thinking about the possessiveness of such statements. In fact the other day I was talking to God about it and I found that I get so much joy in saying “MY father” “MY Jesus” . It’s not possessiveness per se. It’s belonging. It’s intimacy. It’s pride. I want to show you off to the world.

My Persis…

You bring such joy to my heart. You are the softest hug I have ever received in my life. You are also the most communicative hug I have ever received. Time slows down when I am speaking to you, it’s as if you will it to slow down. Thank you for being present.

There’s this thing you do where you give everything you have without regard for yourself. It’s a beautiful thing, to have no regard for yourself.

“You are your Father’s responsibility”

You have no idea the number of people I have repeated this to after hearing it from you; and boy do you live it! Of course you have no regard for yourself, there’s someone else who’s responsibility it is to look after you. Thank you for stretching the boundaries. Thank you for sharing those experiences and in a way inviting us to do the same with our Father.

I’ve been learning that God loves us passionately and that He pursues us! That sometimes He will desire to sit with us in silence and just enjoy our company. That when we show up for a date with Him, He’s happy to see us. I love that! God is always happy to see you. God is always delighted to hear from you. God actually likes you and every little thing that you are amuses Him. Persis, Mukama omusanyusa 🙂

There’s not an aspect of your life that He’s not concerned about. There’s not an area you can’t trust Him with. Persis, even the parts you’ve pushed so far back to that part of your mind even your brain forgets about, your Father knows. He loves you intimately. He holds you close and when you show up, His heart sings , “My Persis”

I pray for you. I pray that you shall embrace this love. I pray that you will receive revelation of its breadth, depth, height and any other unit of measurement it has. Lol. I pray that as you experience more of this love, you will grow in boldness. May you shout about this love from rooftops to crowds. May you sing about it in lullabies to babies. May you poeticise  it in your books which I am eager to read.

Your life is a testament of this love. Your life is an epistle from Him to us and to yourself. Isn’t God funny though? That He can give you to yourself as a gift? God, by the way, is so much fun. Enjoy Him. Discover Him. Enjoy yourself. You are God’s gift to yourself. You are also God’s gift to me. I appreciate you My Persis. I love you but more importantly God loves you.



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