Lover lover

Do you ever see God as a lover?

Pillow talking, neck kissing, can’t wait to get out of here with you lover

When I wrote Kisses on the neck , I was just from a fellowship. I had just discovered Pompi’s No Rent and I was singing it to God non stop.

Sometimes prayer feels like pillow talking. Naked, unashamed, you’ve already seen it all, no point in hiding kind of naked. But also, freedom, I love that you are delighted in me, I delight in you and I am neither afraid nor ashamed of my desire naked. But also, comfortable, secure, I have nothing to fear with you naked.

So, sometimes we lay there, legs intertwined, head on chest or just lying next to each other, happy and speak with the honesty that comes with late nights and happy hearts. We giggle about seemingly silly thoughts that not even my closest may be able to handle without doubting my sanity.

We speak about big dreams that are both exciting and scary. Mostly so because of the person I will have to become to get there. He pulls me closer to Himself and says ,I’m here. I’ll be there. He kisses my forehead because He knows it warms my heart and shatters my walls.

Sometimes we talk about past hurts and I admit some things for the first time even to myself. He says, show me where it hurts. I point to my chest. He places butterfly kisses. One for every tear I tell Him about. He kisses my neck and I giggle. He whispers things, His breath on my ear is ticklish, I am laughing now. I don’t remember why I ever cried.

He comes face to face, holding his weight above my body and smiles. I smile back. I am my beloved’s and He is mine.


2 thoughts on “Lover lover

  1. I had never thought of God this way, it’s good to see things differently though this particular one is unsettling because God is perceived as male. And this makes it awkward for me. Or may be you didn’t think about that!?


    1. Of course I write from my perspective as a female which I guess makes the concept of being the bride of Christ easier for me to grasp. I’d like to know though, how do you relate with God? What are some of those unconventional ways in which you view your relationship?


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