Earth Benders and Wall Climbers

Do you know what is worse than finding out your favourite book is going to be turned into a movie? Finding out that your favourite animation will have a movie adaptation.

A couple of years back, it must have been around 2007 0r 2008 a company called GTV brought affordable satellite tv to Uganda. Prior to that it was only Mnet and DSTV I believe. In those days, my sister and little brother chanced upon the amazing Nickelodeon and Avator: The last air bender. We watched it religiously.The company went out of business without warning and we were back to boredom after tasting beauty. However we discovered people like Eddie Soft and Roshan zone and we were re-united.

I have not watched the movie adaptation of Avator : The Last Air bender up to this day. I loved the original too much.

Image Source: Google

I have often debated with myself and with friends which kingdom is the most powerful or at the biggest advantage. I mean I love the Avator and the endless things he can do as long as he has a little air. Then there’s water bending which can even grow to blood bending and  then there’s the fire nation, getting their power from the sun. Recently though, I have been more fascinated by the earth benders. They are to me, some of the most interesting to watch. Their skill seems to be both defensive and offensive However, it does come off as a lot more defensive especially for the one who hasn’t yet mastered it.

The little girl a.k.a The blind bandit who introduces the earth bending in book three (I think) mostly uses it to protect herself. The only way to get to someone behind a boulder is to either break through it or climb over the wall. However, with each wall you overcome, usually a new one is raised, most often a higher or bigger wall. You can not get to an earth bender who doesn’t want to be found. 😀

Image Source: Google

Chris Brown (The Hollywood guy not Elevation Church’s worship leader…hehe) , has a song called Wall to wall. He released it in those days when he was still new on the scene and greatly loved. He’s still greatly loved by some, others kind of moved on upon finding out he’s in the habit of beating his girlfriends and threatening them to the point of them getting restraining orders. Henewe…

In the video,( I don’t really remember what the song is about,)  Chris and his dancers seem to be jumping from wall to wall chasing this girl’s love. It’s been a while since I watched it and hence very possible that I misinterpreted the song altogether. 🙂

Some of us are skilled earth benders, putting up wall after wall to keep others out. It’s a defence mechanism. If they don’t get to you, then they can not and will not hurt you. It does seem to me however, that these walls keep the love out too. So many people can want to love you but you will not be able to experience that love unless you let them. Not even God.

Some people will try though, they will train for sometime so that they have enough strength to break through your walls. They will go to that rock climbing thing you find in fancy gyms …hehe…to improve their wall climbing skills. Wall climbing is not like tree climbing so even childhood experiences do not help here. But if you don’t let them…

Anyway, me thinks, you have a big say in whether you experience love or not. Even from God.

And to the people having to climb wall after wall, I pray for you strength and patience. Sometimes, us skilled earth benders just need a little more time. We want the love. We are just afraid.



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