What’s your favourite song about waiting?

I love music, as I believe should the entire world. I love good music. I love music for a number of reasons. I love it for its entertainment value. I love it as a form of artistic expression (though not mine,ha!) but mostly for its ability to speak to and for me. I am not sure if it’s the music or the artiste. Sometimes it is hard to separate the two. It is all just beautiful music that you fall in love with and put on repeat times infinity.

“I feel like I have been pregnant for forever” I moaned to a friend of mine. This feeling had stayed with me for a long time. Actually, it’s a statement both of us have used often. It is one statement that represents a plethora of emotions and thoughts about our lives as they stand right now.

I’m yet to have my first child so I do not know what it is like to be pregnant. I have been told every woman has their own experience. That in fact, even every pregnancy is different! Wow God wow. However, I have seen some ladies towards the end of their pregnancy constantly saying they are tired of being pregnant and just can’t wait for the baby to show up. Being tired of where they are, eager for the next step.

Have you ever felt like you have been pregnant for like forever?


I have. Many times actually. The last time I had this conversation with a fore mentioned friend, he shared with me a teaching titled “Always Triumph” by a gentleman called Keith Moore. It is an hour long. I put it on my phone and listened to it on my way home from work some time . In transit, really is like my least distracted time and I have read and listened to a lot of teachings and podcasts on the way home from work or from anywhere. It seems like my brain is most relaxed and ready to receive when on my way home 🙂

He talked about adding patience to our faith. “insert eye roll or disappointed sigh” . I mean , patience is not exactly what someone wants to hear when they are already tired. They want to hear “Today is the day!!!!” hahaha…or at least next week. Strangely though, that message really calmed my heart. I find it ironic that a message about waiting gave me so much peace.

The main scripture of reference was 2 Corinthians 2:14 ” Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place.” KJV . Always. That was very comforting. He emphasised over and over again that there’s not a day you will go to God for help and He says ‘ “nah fam, not this time” . He always comes through. Come to think of it, it is not the waiting that brought calm to my heart, it was the knowledge that God is faithful. I have seen Him show Himself faithful over and over again in my life.

Over the weekend, a man whose Ministry has blessed me for years was in town. His conferences were free and the church where I fellowship (Worship Harvest) also had the honour of hosting him for a special evening service. Andrew Wommack is the least exciting preacher you will probably ever come across and yet, woah! that hall was overflowing. There are so many things about him that are a blessing to me but this weekend I realised that the major one is his “matter of fact faith”. He says things almost with a shrug. Things that you have considered HUUUUGE. He has an of course attitude when it comes to God. Like “Of course you are healed” “Of course you will prosper” . The boldness with his faith not just in telling other people about it but in living it as well!

I had the opportunity to listen to him speak twice, on Saturday evening and Sunday evening. He shared about different things but one of the things that stood out for me was the fact that some things are just simply going to take time and you will have to wait (there goes that word again ) . But also about , a resilient, persistent faith. I have shared this story with anyone who I have run into since then who cared enough to listen. Even to people who didn’t… lol…but probably loved me enough not to walk away from me.

Andrew Wommack shared about how they undertook a construction of a building and ran out of money when they had just cast a slab. Like legit ran out of money! Zero! and he believes in debt free living. No loans. It was a dire situation. It was easy to get discouraged. Do you know what he did? He says that he went to his builder and asked him to map out the building with duct tape. Show, where every wall was, door and window. And everyday, he walked through that “building” and prayed and he saw it in his mind. He never walked through a wall. He would walk though the doors and even preached sermons to that empty hall but in his head he saw the people.

Crazy, right? I was almost thinking the same thing except I’m weird. I was fascinated! It was nine months before an actual building was put up. It’s like he added some spice to the waiting.

“Before you see anything in the physical, you’re going to have to see it with your heart” Andrew Wommack

Waiting expectantly. Is that why pregnant women are called expectant mothers? Because even before they hear their baby’s first cry, they are mothers. They are not just pregnant fwaaa. Everyday, they wake up convinced beyond reasonable doubt that they have a baby and the baby is on his/her way.

Psalms 130:6

How does the watchman wait for the morning? With expectation. With hope. With assurance. I wonder if there is a watchman out there who thinks morning will never come.

So, anyway, music. What is your favourite song about waiting?

Mine is Brooke Fraser’s Love is waiting.


11 thoughts on “What’s your favourite song about waiting?

  1. More than the watchman waits for morning… my soul waits. You know I often have my doubts about Him being. So my faith isn’t as rock solid as David so the watchmen are probably wining on the most assuredly front. But my hope which is renewed by stories like this is covering the distance. And Brooke. My God! She makes waiting the *ish* #Np Loving IS waiting


  2. Oh hey ya.We go to the same church 🙂 Andrew Wommack ; that was powerful ,right? And I read a post of his that really brought a whole new dimension to the whole patience,waiting thing.He said “Patience is simply faith applied over a prolonged period of time” 🙂

    My song is also Love is waiting + all the Juanita Bynum waiting songs(she’s also a *mastress* with waiting.I don’t mind waiting,We wait,I will wait for you,still).Love her and loved this post 🙂

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    1. Thank you :). Yes we do go to the same church. Those two songs seem to be hits when it comes to waiting. I like that , “Patience is simply faith applied over a long period of time”


  3. Thank you for sharing this. I have been Blessed. My favourite song about waiting is “Wait and see by Brandon Heath”, every time I listen to it, it gives me beautiful reminders and promises to hold on to but it also gets me all teary

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