The dream evolves…and it’s okay?

I have loved words for as long as I can remember. I was raised in a reading household. I am not sure how intentional that was. Part of me thinks the reason we picked up interest in books early on is because my mother was such a reader. She always had about two or three books which she shared with my eldest sister. I desired to read Sydney Sheldon, Danielle Steel and John Grisham but the sizes were intimidating. It wasn’t until I joined Secondary schoolΒ  years later that I was able to attempt these writers.

When I was about nine, I decided that I would write my first novel at fifteen. No I have not yet written it. I don’t know if it’s still a plan to be honest. I just don’t know. I feel like discovering that I loved to write was the beginning of a journey that I am still on. I grew up a bit shy and awkward. I expressed myself better in writing than I ever did speaking. So I wrote and wrote and wrote. I have notebooks, journals and random books filled with poems, thoughts, stories and just about anything that could be written. I felt a deep need to write. I would become sad if I went long periods without writing. Writing was and still is therapeutic for me.

I’ll spare you the details of how I ended up in the BSc Building Economics class at Campus, still yearning to write. Somewhere along the way, just writing wasn’t enough. I still loved it as much if not more. I mean I started my first blog so that I don’t give up the habit of writing. However, my mind wanted more. My mind found something else that excited it. My shy self discovered her voice and wanted to talk and talk about products. I wanted to talk on behalf of others. I wasn’t sure what it was called. I did not know if it was sales, marketing or PR. I just knew that it fell somewhere in that dimension.

One day, as I was listening to radio, I said to myself “I want to do that”. Once again my brain had wandered off and found something that set my heart on fire. I was an ardent radio listener not just because I love music but because I genuinely enjoyed what the presenters were doing. My heart started beating for media. I was constantly dreaming up of ways I could better TV shows I watched or radio shows that I listened to. All the while, struggling to finish my four year University Course because a person needs a Degree in something.

Around this time in 2014, I got my first shot at media. A radio station I was a fan of but hadn’t listened to in a while was advertising for presenters. With zero experience, fingers crossed and my heart on the line, I sent in my application. A number of voice tests,interviews, training sessions and late nights later, I made myΒ  radio debut on a Morning show. I was living the dream!!! It was surreal. I had wanted it for such a long time.

I was in the process of picking up registration papers to go back to school and study Marketing when I got that call that started my radio journey. Marketing first went on a pause. I was venturing into a field that I absolutely loved but had zero experience in. I couldn’t afford to multi-task

Almost three years and a new station later and the Marketing calls my name again. The dream gets excited again. My brain finds new things again and I just don’t know honestly. On most days, I can’t tell you that I know what I want to do because I have wanted many things. I have also moved on from many things but still I chase a dream.

The dream evolves and I’m learning that it’s okay. I am doing my best to live in the now and to enjoy the one I am pursuing now. If tomorrow it is something else, I pray I pursue that as well with just as much passion and dedication.


7 thoughts on “The dream evolves…and it’s okay?

  1. Reading as you shared about your writing and love for words, I can totally relate though reading for me is something I’m only learning to do. Thanks for sharing this, I definitely needed to read this and be reminded that “dreams evolve and that’s okay”… beautiful reminder or realisation, something along those lines. Thanks Guulo;-)

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