Fall down, get up, stay up and Zip line!

Hello wonderful people,

It’s been a minute (that felt like two weeks) ha! I promised to have a post every Tuesday and I did well for about six weeks. It was all good until the devil stabbed me in the back, and I mean this literally. Some time in the past two weeks on the first Tuesday that I didn’t post, I got the mother of all back aches. It felt like a muscle in my back was stabbed with a hot knife. It was excruciating. It happened at around 1:30 pm while I was still on air.

Usually, I write after the show and hence most of my posts come in on Tuesday evenings. The pain couldn’t allow me to do anything. I could hardly sit, walk, bend, even my breathing was labored. I was sad. I was sad because good Lord was it painful! I was also sad because I knew I was going to miss a post. I wanted to write a celebratory post because six weeks y’all! I had been consistent.


Pain is a very selfish thing. It calls attention to itself and can’t stand you thinking or looking at anything else. I didn’t feel fully recovered until about two days later. The next week I put myself under immense pressure to make up for the week before. I wanted to work on two posts on top of everything else I had going on. As you already know, I failed and I did not feel good about it.

There’s an artiste called Travis Greene who has a song titled “You got up”. This is probably my favorite song from him. I would be lying if I told you that I know everything he sings in the song but there’s this part where he keeps saying

“You got up so I could get up again

You got up so I could get up again

You got up so I could get up again

I’m up with you”

I absolutely love that song. It speaks so much truth. Everybody, all of us , fall down sometimes, but hey, we can get up. So maybe you set some goals at the beginning of this year and today, halfway through the month of May, you are nowhere near; you are not even walking in their direction, you can get up. Maybe, you planned to start drinking eight glasses of water everyday and it’s been two days since you last tasted water. Get up, grab a glass. May be you started saving like I mentioned last time but this month you ran through the money before you could put any aside. It’s okay, get up, save next month.

There’s nothing wrong with falling down. Let’s just learn to get up. If you need help, reach out and ask for it.

This is my get up post 🙂  In your face, back stabbing devil, I’m back and I’m writing!

Last week on Saturday, we had a one day retreat as an organization. In the event that I had not mentioned it before, I spend a big chunk of my day at 104.1 Power FM. They are gracious enough to allow me on their airwaves every week day between 10:30 am and 2:30 pm. You should tune in, but I digress. A retreat had been planned and communicated and I had said yes, I would be available. This was the weekend of the week where my back had played games on me.

Our retreat was at Extreme Adventure Park in Busiika. It was nothing short of fantastic.

Upon arrival, we were treated to an amazing breakfast buffet. That was the beginning of my excitement because we had set off quite early to be sure that we had enough time for all our activities. We were cautioned to eat sparingly when it comes to breakfast because the activities ahead were very involving physically. However, the buffet laid out did not make it easy to heed to that piece of advice. Many of us were to pay the price later.

Extreme Adventure Park has its in-house Team Building trainers who were taking us through different activities that had lessons like teamwork, communication et al as the end goal. That got us busy and sweating early on in the day. There are individuals who look calm and collected in the boardroom but turn into beasts when it comes to competitive sports. I shall not name names. Lol, it was a rather eye-opening experience.


My highlight for the entire day was the obstacle course. I don’t think I have a fear for heights. However, I do not willingly volunteer myself for activities that involve really high buildings. I wasn’t very good with tree climbing growing up. I still have bungee jumping on my bucket list, though. The other thing that was on my bucket list was zip-lining. I got the opportunity to cross that off my list while at Extreme Adventure park. There was a catch, though. The only way to make it to the zip-lining was to finish at least one level of the obstacle course.

The obstacle course happens above ground. At least a meter and a half above ground! It involves things like walking on wires, shaky bridges and other things that seem to be designed for heart attacks. I was reluctant to try it out but almost everyone was going and it seemed weird that I would go all the way to an adventure park and not try anything adventurous. So I put on my big girl pants and got strapped up.


I wasn’t ready! I wasn’t ready to face my fears and yet it was too late. I was already up there balancing on a shaky bridge, holding onto the wires on each side and taking deep breaths. My motivation was the zip-lining at the end. My dear friend Dj Hush was right behind me reminding me of that fact. She was also my partner in shaky feelings 🙂  We, on more than one occasion, asked ourselves why we had chosen the rope course over paint ball which happens on the ground!


Finally, two shaky bridges, a pair of wires, and one raft above ground later, I made it to the end without fainting. I made it to the end feeling proud of myself for walking on a wire. I felt like I was on some Philippe Petit business. My prize awaited me. The zip-line was calling! I was excited and a little bit afraid to be honest. Never mind that I had seen countless people zip-line in joy before me. When it was my turn, my stomach almost fell to the ground. I managed to gather some courage and zip-line I did! It was everything I was looking forward to and more. Was it worth it? Every moment of it. Was I willing to try out for level two which was higher than the level I had just finished? Not that day and not anytime soon. Baby steps, baby steps. At the end of it all, I felt like the actual achievement was making it through the rope challenge. The zip-line was fun but I was happier to have actually faced my fears and made it to the zip-line.

I got up that week and I reclaimed my physical space. It was hard to fathom that just days after pain that made even lying down uncomfortable, I had walked on wires and even zip-lined.

“You got up so I could get up again”



One thought on “Fall down, get up, stay up and Zip line!

  1. hahaa, funny thing is, the song is now stuck in my head 😀
    this zip-line thing… I might need to check it out on your recommendation!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂


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