Rest is good

Two weeks ago, a colleague put in her request for leave and asked me to fill in for her as regards some of her duties. I’m a busy girl. I will admit, my plate is kind of full at the moment. There are things I have prioritized and then there are things that are not top of my list but are important as well. I said yes even though at the time of asking my plate was already full. I said yes for two reasons. One, because I was one of the few people able and WILLING to fill in for her as regards those duties. Two, because she needed the break! She was tired. I could see it and I am , as evidenced by this post a big fan of and advocate for resting.

To cut the long story short, I have found myself really exhausted the past couple of weeks. I have found myself longing to stay in bed for a few extra hours and yet I absolutely love my job!!! Yesterday, my boss looked at me and asked if I wanted a day off. Ha! How blessed am I!!! I didn’t even pause in my responding in the affirmative. I probably wasn’t going to ask for it even though everything within me was craving one (Thank you Jesus)

Rest is good. Sometimes we are reluctant to rest because we have these voices that are telling us we are lazy for doing so. I mean, the general definition of a hard worker is someone who is almost always doing something and says yes to everything. Growing up, I heard the word lazy thrown around quite a bit, mainly because I wasn’t the biggest fan of house work. I am not the biggest fan of physical labour, as someone put it. I’d much rather spend my time doing things that engage my brain.At the same time, I know I am intelligent and capable of so much. There’s a lot of things I want to do. Anytime I feel like my life is not the way I want it to be, guess who I point the fingers at? None other than yours truly.

You therefore can imagine what goes on in my head when I think of resting. I have a mix of a voice reminding me to not be lazy and another telling me that time is of the essence. Yet, with fatigue, I am not even that productive. Yesterday, on my way to work, I remembered something I was supposed to have finished by Easter Monday, a week ago that had totally skipped my mind and I have an excellent memory. It just came back to me an entire week later!!!

Rest is good. Rest looks different for many of us. For myself, an entire day where I don’t leave my house and maybe catch up on the latest series or indie movies works. I can actually have two weeks worth of fatigue cured in two days of being at home. For some, travel is an essential component in the resting. For others, just going home early and spending time with people with whom they feel loved does it. Whatever it is, rest my dear friend. It is good.

Another area where the concept of resting seems to have been demanding my attention of late is my psyche. I love Social media. It’s many things to me. It’s a play thing. It’s a source of news and information. It’s also a source of inspiration for a one like me who has interest in brands and marketing. However, of late, I have felt more drained than entertained by the social. I realised that I felt more stressed after thirty minutes of browsing the social. So I have decided to cut back on my online time. I am not moving away completely. At least not for now. I just need to create a few more moments where my attention is not taken up by what everyone else is saying. Also, my social media network has been quite sad and angry the past month so it was pretty exhausting.

Remember in the bible when Elijah the prophet was stressed out and nearly suicidal and God put him to sleep and fed him? I think that might be the plan for me as well 🙂

I am excited for my day off. I can’t wait to do nothing!!! hahaha. I am more excited for time spent with just me and my thoughts. Time to explore some thoughts I had pushed to the back of my mind because there’s always something fighting for my attention. Time to just create anything whether I will ever use it or not. Also time to make my budget for May 🙂 . But you know what? even if I sleep the whole day away, I shall be satisfied because rest is good.


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