The week that was : #RedSofaSessions and #WorshipHarvest11th

Last week was beautiful. Last week was a lot. Last week had me feeling overwhelmed and excited at the same time. However two things stood out for me and that was Red Sofa Sessions and Worship Harvest Ministries celebrating it’s 11th year of existence.

I’d never been to Red Sofa Sessions. The first time I heard about it I had so much on my mind and wasn’t even in a place to hear about events. I probably thought it was another one of those things were Christians are trying hard to come off as a fun group of people. hehehe. However, this time around, I was intrigued by the speakers that had been chosen. I follow Amos Wekesa on Facebook and I am a big fan of his work. Truth be told, I am mostly a fan of his attitude and outlook on life. It’s not just that he works hard and is providing excellent service in the tourism industry but that he unlike a number of Ugandans is determined to believe in this country. He is also determined to share his knowledge.

Amos Wekesa, MD Great Lakes Safaris and Uganda Lodges LTD

Truth be told, I had never heard of Peter Mukiibi until I heard the advert for Red Sofa Sessions but I had heard of Addmaya, the company to which he is a CEO. I was excited. Just incase I had never mentioned this, I have interest in all things Marketing and advertising so I was eager to hear from someone who is not just employed in the industry but actually had the guts to start an organization which is still thriving to this day.

Peter Mukiibi, CEO Addmaya

To tell you about the awesomeness of my first Red Sofa Sessions would require a whole different blogpost, so I won’t. I will tell you what my take aways were:

  • First of all, it is not a bunch of Christians trying to come off as cool. Hehehe…forgive me guys. They were/are cool but that’s not even what it is about . As Ronnie Habasa the main host of the night and co- vision bearer explained that night, it was birthed out of a desire to see more Christians who had “made it” in the areas of business and wanting them to share their stories for the rest of us to learn from.
  • Maybe I am getting old but I think I am now more interested in the kind of music that was at Red Sofa. I mean the unplugged sort of feeling with Abaasa, Solome and Noisey all doing a great job. I am more interested in intimate performances.
  • Some things simply take time and that is okay. If you follow Amos Wekesa, you’ve probably read or heard the story of his journey. How he did not just wake up and  was a very successful business man. It took learning, growing , believing and most of all time. Peter Mukiibi shared about his anxiety and how he wanted to make his company bigger until his father shared with him this little nugget Companies do not start small because there’s anything wrong with them, companies start small because that is the place to start”
  • Cash flow is key. Live within your means and allow yourself to grow into the lifestyle you want. Do not be eager to purchase things like cars or start construction of houses before you are in a place where you can from your profits afford to pay for those things. Grow the business. First grow your money.
  • Ronnie Habasa is an excellent host
  • Diana Habasa is an excellent decorator, that Red Sofa set was beautiful
  • Yes they are married 🙂
Ronnie Habasa ,main host of the night

Thank you Red Sofa Sessions team for a Friday evening so exquisite, onwards and upwards.

Last Sunday, Worship Harvest Ministries celebrated eleven years!!! Eleven years!!! I didn’t even know they existed until about two years ago. Imagine that! Anyway, I have been fellowshipping with Worship Harvest since mid last year. I hadn’t been to Sunday service in a while and I missed it. To cut a long story short, I asked God where I should go and the best way I can describe the answer is it felt like a drop in my Spirit “How about Worship Harvest?” So I looked them up, found out where they met and sent a Facebook message asking what time the service (a.k.a Garage) was.

Happy People

This church, this movement, this ministry, this group of crazily loved people captured my heart for a number of reasons. However top on my list is the number of times I hear the words love and grace. If there was a motto, I believe that would be it. Worship Harvest exudes love and grace. To borrow the words of Migisha Boyd “It’s like these people have discovered something exciting and they are eager to share it, and I have found that thing to be the love of God and that I am going to experience His goodness right here, right now”

I was emotional on Sunday. I was emotional before even the preacher started on the message, which was beautiful by the way. It was the stories. You see, the whole week leading up to the Sunday celebration, a number of people had been sharing their worship harvest stories on Facebook using the hashtags #MyWorshipHarvestStory and #WorshipHarvest11th. I have read some, I still have others to go through. One thing seemed to be consistent, people felt loved. On top of that, God seemed understandable. His truths were not any less astounding but they were presented in a way that even I, not a pastor I, never been to bible school I, could walk out of a Sunday service mind blown mostly because I understood the stuff! It was amazing!

Yes, we had cake

All in all, last month ended on a good note and this month started on an even better now! Let’s go out and conquer!


8 thoughts on “The week that was : #RedSofaSessions and #WorshipHarvest11th

  1. So,
    this is my second time of typing because WP lost my first comment 😦
    #RSS was amazing! The sound! The words of advice! The jokes from Ronnie and Ekky! Gosh! Thanks for sharing!
    #WHM11 was beautiful. I recall catching myself leaned in, as if mentally hanging on to every word the sharer was speaking. It was impossible to leave that place without feeling like God was hugging you.
    Also, thanks for the quote hahaa. Celebrity status, here we come yey!!

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