On Thanksgiving

“In everything give thanks”

Ever have one of those teachers or even parents who want you to thank them after disciplining you? (Read a few strokes of the cane) And you just don’t get it, but through tears and gritted teeth you say your thanks. I get the feeling this is what most people imagine when they read the scripture. They, with broken hearts and swollen from crying eyes say thanks for even the ugliness of life.

A good friend of mine once helped me see this differently and I have never been the same again. She said, you can’t have confidence that the Lord will heal you if you believe He is the one who sent the sickness to make you a better person. Rather, you give thanks because you know Him as a healer who is on your side. The confidence that He is not your enemy, woah!!! The comfort it brings.

He also tells us that He has already given us all things. He is not withholding anything because he has already given it. So we give thanks for the finished work we know is going to manifest. We give thanks because our God is mighty and is on our side. We give thanks because though we walk through the valley of shadow of death, we are never without Him. Friends, this is Joyful Thanksgiving. It is celebratory Thanksgiving. In fact even pull out your dancing shoes when the enemy dares to steal from you, kill or destroy you and what is yours. Laugh in His face because our God is faithful and that is why we are giving thanks

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