My personal person

There are seemingly so many annoying things about people in relationships or couples in love especially in the age of social media. Some blame it on jealousy of those who are not in relationships. They argue that indeed we are not as annoying as everyone seems to claim. Everyone else is just a little bit jealous. Others argue that we are insecure and hence feel the need to share our loved ones with the world. So you may find that for whatever hashtag exists on social media, I may or may not have a picture of my boyfriend. But you can’t blame me. Maybe you can blame the others.

I have met people who DESPISE people who say things like “bae” “boo” “My person”. Someone even wrote an entire note on the subject of saying “My personal person” on Facebook. At the time of reading it, I hadn’t thought of it that much or I hadn’t yet had situations that had me wondering about the validity or lack thereof of that statement.

My personal person. The word personal usually denotes ownership and/or exclusivity. As in you are my person and no one else’s. Take for example the way you look at Personal assistant or Personal chef or personal swimming pool for that matter, it does denote exclusivity.

My personal person. Over the last couple of days. A great number of things have happened. As women we have the unfortunate privilege of blaming hormones, as Christians we might blame spirits. As a Christian woman, maybe I should blame the spirit of hormones…hehe. But, really, on a serious note. The past couple of days have been strange. It’s almost as if we breezed through Jan and shit became real too fast in Feb with all the work that has been staring down at me. On top of that, there were all these decisions I made about how different 2017 is going to be because I read (and believed) that if you want something you have never had, you have to do something you have never done. All of a sudden shit became real. I became stressed. I wanted to quit.

My personal person. You invited me over to your house, put your own work on hold and encouraged me to talk to you about these things that were threatening to overwhelm me. You then grabbed your notebook and pen and helped me write them down and decide when I would do them. You cheered me on and gave hugs and food when words of encouragement wouldn’t work.

Sometimes, I can’t think of a better way to describe you except my personal person. I mean who else takes my dream and treats it like their own? Who carries my burden and becomes my strength when I am cowering away in fear? Who runs alongside me in directions that are not necessarily their own desire just to give me gas? Who, if not my personal person?
I think anyone who uses the term my personal person means to say, “I feel like God created you specifically for me. Yes, you might bless other people but, man I feel like I was the original intended recipient” Of course that attitude is dripping with hubris but sometimes a girl is overwhelmed. Thank you.


25 thoughts on “My personal person

  1. Me I am commenting even before I read.
    As in I am toooo excited you have written.
    Spent all week crushing on you on radio and I just wanted to see words pieced together by you.
    I am gonna go read now ..😊

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  2. Okay now I am done reading.
    Personal person sounds pretty amazing.
    May the spirit of hormones send mine soon. Lol
    Absolutely beautiful.
    Yeeyi to personal persons and this line..
    “You cheered me on and gave hugs and food when words of encouragement wouldn’t work.”

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