“But who steals a banner?” and other stories

Ugandan weather is interesting, but not as interesting as the Ugandans who complain about it or pretend to be shocked by it. It started raining this morning just as I was about to get out of the house. It was 5:45am. I was already running late for my morning show which is supposed to start at 6am (don’ tell my boss), and the skies roared and boy did they roar loudly. So yes, I was late for work this morning. My socks were wet and so were my shoes. Luckily for me, my hair is natural, the worst that water can do to it is make it shrink and it is currently at its most shrunken state.

Does this hair look like it is afraid of a little rain?

It has been an interesting year so far. It is hard to imagine that it is just April! I mean, hasn’t it been 2016 for like two years already? The beauty with April is that it represents a new beginning. I mean, even the high court pronounced it’s position on the last day of March; which coincidentally was the first day it rained in a long time. 2016 has been a hot year!!! I almost suggested that we move our offices to swimming pools or showers. But it is only April. It is not a bad year. Maybe it was just a bad first quarter. We still have three more, anything can happen.

Every morning, when I get off the airwaves of 95.9 Touch fm, I sit at my desk and as I sip on my un spiced black tea, think of ways to let people know about the Lantern Meet of Poets recital this Saturday. This has been my routine for about a month now. On some days, I have Facebook posts to check out, others a cute graphics designer to text, always about work but hey a text is a text and on the other not so interesting days have to attend meeting to discuss budgets.

However, on one of the days last week, I got wind of the fact that our banner had been stolen from the National Theatre. Yes, you read that right. We had printed a banner early on and hang it somewhere at the entrance so that the good folks who visit our National Cultural Centre would know about this show. Imagine my shock. Who steals a banner? What do you do with it? It has information about this show so is it a curtain in your house? I’m still baffled by that. But, Like the awesome 80’s rock band Queen sang “The show must go on”

Poetry Will Warm us Facebook 470 X 246-01
Exactly what the banner looked like

We are just a few days away, I mean, I feel like I can smell the popcorn in the theatre and hear the pounding hearts of the performers as they wait backstage for their turn to take to the stage. A lot of hard work has gone into this production. A few hurdles have been overcome and lines and places have been learned. Come through this Saturday, 7pm at the National Theatre. Let us find solace in the magic of words and the genius of people who know how to string them together. Let’s share in the experience of seeing the transformation from paper to voice and stage. This Saturday, Our Poetry Will Warm Us.




Yes. A lot of work. 🙂


5 thoughts on ““But who steals a banner?” and other stories

  1. Hahaha, indeed, “who steals a banner?” On a brighter note though, I know that it’s crazy to be excited about the smell of popcorn when discussing poetry, but hey that’s just me, I’m shallow like that. Still, Poetry will warm us on Saturday night (and so will the hot popcorn)

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