Love by proxy

There is something to be said for falling in love with someone simply because they are there. You know. Like you get to see them, hug them and have them leave part of their scent on your clothes. You get to see the change in expression on their faces as they listen to you. It is easy to fall in love with someone you see. With the one who is right there. What do you mean I should wait for some Mr. right or better in the future? How about the one right here, right now?

Sometimes someone reaches for your hand as you cross the road and you notice. Their arm goes around your waist as they introduce you to their friends and something tightens in your chest. You catch them gazing at you wonderingly and you try to brush it off because they are not the right kind. They are not the right type. More so, they came at the wrong time. They came when you were in the middle of something.

It is easy to get angry at someone who is in absentia; when you can’t be disarmed by a smile that induces one in you too. When their distress at your sadness or disappointment is not in your face, it is easy to convince yourself they don’t even notice.

In comparison, the one who is right here is often more appealing and with less faults than the one who is not around to speak for themselves. Sometimes, all a girl wants is a text asking how her day is going or a reply to her “good night babe”. Sometimes she wants you to stop being so absent so that you can assure her that she’s not being a fool choosing you who is more of a memory over the other whose hand she held today.

Sometimes, she just wants to know that she is not in the fight alone, to be reminded that there is something to fight for.

It is easy to fall for someone because they are everything you wish someone else was.




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