Happy New Season

“Life does not walk through the door and announce a teachable moment. Life does not say, pay attention, this is going to be a lesson” Me

Yes, I do have moments when I say things and think, “I should probably write this down, I could use it later” I quote myself a lot. I learn from myself a lot. I re-visit old blogs and journal entries and listen to a beautiful wise heart. Yes I do.

Yesterday was my birthday. I did not have much planned. Who am I kidding? I had nothing planned. I was just happy that it was my birthday and went about spending it like any other Monday. Also, how does one celebrate a birthday that comes with the start of the week? Because my birthday comes in the first month of the year, it does feel like that moment for me when I do finally cross over into something new. Never mind that there are seventeen days before that.

The beginning of a year is usually a moment to reflect. A moment to look back and just re-evaluate everything. 2015 was a special year for me. 2015 was also a rather tough year for me. In 2015, I made a year on radio, hosting the early morning weekday show on Touch fm. In 2015, I walked into my boss’ office and asked him if I could host one other show, the gospel show on Sunday mornings and he said yes. In 2015, I moved from having two co-hosts to having one to having none at all. In 2015, I took on extra roles that I had no prior experience in. Like I said, interesting year.

In 2015, I had my first proper heartbreak in over 3 years. I was older, wiser, more focused and approached this love thing with a totally different perspective. As it turns out, that very perspective is the reason the heartbreak was that severe. I was reminded that not every one wants the same thing as I and that people want different things. I entered the same writing competition twice, both times I did not win and both times I was not even a runner up; and one of the times I was okay with it. What a year!

I am not sure if I prayed less or I prayed more. Towards the end of the year, I started attending Sunday church services again. I had not done so in a while. I fought for some things. I gave up on many. I made a decision to wear my hair natural(crazy adventure). I travelled for Christmas, a story about an answered prayer that I will leave for another day. Oh 2015 felt much much longer than many other years. The days were always long and the nights too short. What a year!

Today is the first day of my new age. It does not feel so different, I still woke up feeling like I could use some extra help being dragged out of bed. I came to work.

But today, I start the day with very clear lessons from the past year. If you were to ask me to describe 2015 in one word, it would be growth. Not just in number of years but in the experiences I’ve soaked up, the lessons in every tragedy, awe and difficult moment. Growth in the appreciation of self and the uniqueness of others. Growth in the acceptance of the things I have no control of. Growth, in all its colours, shapes and sizes. Growth

Happy New year Glo!



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