A fighting chance

Last week as I was browsing the internet, I saw the hashtag  #PrayforLamar that tickled my curiosity. Upon following the thread, I learnt of what happened to Lamar Odom and the condition he was in and my heart sank. My heart moved from its usual position and kept sinking lower and lower as I read the story of how he had apparently overdosed on drugs. When I read about how he had been at a Las Vegas brothel for an entire weekend and had asked to not be disturbed, I found myself not just saying it on air to the people who start their days with me but genuinely in the depths of my heart praying that God heals him.

His story has been replayed over and over on various entertainment sites that I am a fan of and I found myself shedding some tears and begging God to heal him. It does seem a bit dramatic, a lot dramatic. I have never met Lamar Odom, him and I have even never breathed the same air. As much as I love basketball, I have never really followed the NBA so I can’t say that is where I knew him from. Unfortunately, even though a number of people were not happy about the reference, I first saw Lamar on ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ when he dated and later married one of the sisters. I don’t hate the show but I can’t say I became attached to Lamar from there.

Lamar Odom when he played for the Lakers
Lamar Odom when he played for the Lakers

Why the tears then? From his story, it seems like he has been through quite a lot in his life. Straight from his childhood to right now as he fights for his life. It is very easy for us sometimes to distance ourselves, point fingers and talk about how reckless some people are with their lives; which might be true by the way. However, it is not until you have loved and lost a Lamar Odom that your heart breaks at such stories.

I had an uncle who by the time of his passing I had not seen sober for a very long time yet we lived in the same house. He hadn’t always been like that but then something happened in his life that pushed him over the edge. The people in his life tried what they could but somehow it all came back to the same thing. All he wanted was the bottle. One day we received a phone call telling us he had passed on. His heart had given in. Some say it must have been alcohol poisoning.

I have seen a number of people beaten by life. I have also seen some rise up and get help, a second chance at life. My heart breaks every time someone’s life ends at a low point. I feel like they needed more time to heal, they needed more chances to kick the habit. Call it weird, pretentious and dramatic but I have been and still am praying that Lamar Odom gets another chance to kick this thing and deal with his demons.

I pray for the different people I know who are addicted to one thing or another, that it won’t be the death of them. I pray for the people in their lives, who are weighed down by this addiction also. For the many Ugandans who do not know what to do or where to go when faced with addiction because they’ve been raised in an environment that neither acknowledges nor discusses addiction. I pray for the children we are raising in a world where a life of no self control is glorified and the substance so easily accessible.

I pray and pray and pray for all the heartache the world can’t heal that God will take it away. I pray that if ever I am in a situation where I can do something, that I will help not cast stones.


8 thoughts on “A fighting chance

  1. My default position is this: I have no patience for the Kardashians or people who keep up with them and no sympathy for people who use drugs as an excuse to drown their sorrows. They are not the only ones who have suffered.

    God’s default position is this: Love them. And I will continue to be useless to God until I learn to react with love. Period.

    I still got a LOT of learning to do, but God is faithful to complete the work He begins in us.

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