I am my hair

Image source:Google
Image source:Google

I remember our relationship

as I do my hairstyles

It was dry and held back the day

It all started

I made an attempt that day,

to style it differently

I remember the first time you ran your hands through it

remarked how you loved its feel in your fingers

and the fact that I let you do that

so it became, to me, an affectionate thing

I had extensions installed

I sent you the pics

and you demanded that I see you that day

I remember the way you looked at me

a mix of bewilderment and desire

It made me shy

It made me warm all over

to have such effect on a person

It scared me too

You see, I wasn’t sure,

so I was taking small tentative steps

Yet you were galloping towards me

beckoning, almost begging

and you were winning me over

Then there were the cornrows

As much as I loved them,

and as fascinated as you were

those were dark times

The curtains had already started closing in your eyes

your heart  being shut away

and I was just at the door

seeing myself being pushed away

That came and went

and as fate may have it

so did we, our time, our moment, us…

I sought new

a cleansing ,a forgetting

a consolation…

At least my hair looks good

That kept me smiling for people

as my heart wept and fought for strength

at least my hair looked great

And just before the moment passed

Just as it hit the 2 month mark

A moment of weakness

An over-packed bar

A highly energetic dj

A few beers in

“I miss you”

“I miss you too”


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