For the love of tea and everything sweet

I don’t usually enter competitions for one simple reason. I don’t think I will win. I once read somewhere that it is because my fear of losing is greater than my desire to win or something like that. Anyway, so every once in a while I become brave and try. Sometimes I lose and it hurts (like that time I entered my story in a competition and lost) but somehow I get up and try again.


Towards the end of July, I saw a post on the Tamarai Facebook page saying I could win an invite to their monthly High Tea event just by clicking like and telling them why I deserved to win. It seemed easy enough until I had to explain why I deserved the win. You see, I love tea, I love tea so much that part of my future plans involve owning some fancy tea shop. Unfortunately,I knew deep down in my heart simply writing I love tea would not suffice. I had to work for this.. probably one of the situations where my desire to win was greater than my fear of loss. I managed something beyond my love for tea, I forgot about it and went about living my life of waking up early to be on air by 6:00am. (You should tune in by the way)

Fast forward a couple days later and I receive a message from a friend congratulating me. Of course I was puzzled, at that time I had been off Facebook for a considerable number of hours, only to log in and find this wonderful message congratulating me upon my win. You should have seen me that night. I almost failed to fall asleep because my grin was so wide it couldn’t fit on my pillow. I couldn’t believe I had actually won something.

This kinda grin
This kinda grin

I always thought this whole High Tea event was about drinking as many cups of tea as possible. In all my ignorance I wondered, how many varieties of tea can there be anyway? I’ve known about the event for close to two years but had never been. My logic always being, I love tea but I don’t think I love it enough to spend 40,000 ugx on a cup.(because I thought I’d get a pot or two, you know the way all the other hang outs in town do). I was wrong and I’m so glad I was.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by a very friendly gentleman who asked how he could be of help. When I told him my name was on a list and had been instructed to ask for the manager (I am a big wig, accept #arrivism), he informed me that the manager was still engaged but led me to the tea bar, THE TEA BAR!!! in the mean time to place an order for whatever fit my fancy. I did not even know how to tell him I probably knew about only two tea flavours. Before I knew it, I was being whisked away(more like being led with a smile by some wonderful lady) to a wonderful food display. Why did no one tell me high tea wasn’t just tea? I should have been warned that there were all these wonderful treats that could go well with my tea; things like chicken lollipops, prawns,finger sandwiches, little sweet pies and cup cakes! There were cupcakes people! Okay, I really need to stop exclaiming. All this before I could even get a chance to sit down.

The food! it was so nice, I only remembered to take pictures after eating some
The food! it was so nice, I only remembered to take pictures after eating some

I have seen food menus, dessert menus, wine lists and so on and so forth but I had never seen a tea menu. An entire menu dedicated to just tea. I should have known seeing as one of the first things I saw when getting to the restaurant was the tea bar. I did not know where to start from but this is the beauty with the High Tea event. It runs every first Saturday of the month from 3-6pm. What this means is as long as it is between 3 and 6pm, you can have as many teas as you can handle plus no one will fault you for re-filling your plate as many times as you fancy. Anyway, knowing that, I decided that I would not get out of there without trying at least five different teas. The plan was that every time I got a refill, it would be a different type. My stomach must have not got the memo because somewhere between my second refill and my third cup of tea, I had no space left. I at least managed an Arabian mint tea with honey, an Acai berry iced tea and a hot Acai berry tea.

There couldn’t have been a better way to spend my Saturday afternoon. I even ran into an old friend from school who is as much a tea lover as myself who became my date for the afternoon. Would I do this again with or without a free invite? Most definitely!

We even took pictures

With the wonderful Sumaya
With the wonderful Sumaya
see that happiness banange!
see that happiness banange!
us again :)
us again 🙂

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