The sequel

He heard his phone buzz but was in no mood to talk to anyone, not even her. Especially not her. So, he ignored it. He knew she was going to send endless messages until he responded. They did that to each other. Insist. But this time he would not relent. She was going to ask him many questions, concerning different aspects of his life. She had that way about her, remembering everything and wanting to know how he was fairing, really.

Not today. He thought. I need to figure this out somehow.

He remembered the exact day their relationship had taken a dramatic turn. Okay, not the exact day but the events that led up to it. Weird situations that almost had him convinced he would not make it. He remembered frantically texting her late into the night, into the morning. It was 3am and she was responding. He didn’t remember if it were he who had called or she had called but it didn’t matter. He obviously had woken her up, but she stayed up and listened, and insisted that she was there. It was just a moment of weakness that he felt stupid about the next day. He had sworn, that he would never burden her like that again.

She did not know it or at least he did not think she did, how much he missed her in that very moment. How much he wished he could see that whole hearted smile of hers, how nice it would be to hear her laugh at his silly jokes. She got his silly jokes. Oh how he longed for her hugs. She did not hold back in this,it’s as if she hugged with the sole purpose of healing and consuming.

He picked up his phone and looked at his watch. She must be asleep by now. He thought.

“Hey, haven’t got the hang of this time difference yet.” the message read ” You’ll see this whenever. It was a full moon tonight  “

“We should skype soon” he wrote and stared long and hard without hitting send , “ we should skype when you wake up” he added


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