You should be back by now

“For how long will you be away?” Tendo asked cheerfully, too cheerfully in fact, trying to mask the sadness that had been threatening to take over her life since the day she had found out. She had known him for about 6 months at that moment, 6 months that felt like a life time and still not enough. He had somehow broke into her heart and she was as excited as she was terrified. It was the most bitter-sweet feeling she had ever had in her life to that day.

Their relationship was not so unique. They had met through friends. They saw each other once every week at the fellowship which was the reason they knew each other. He had a smart phone, she had just got hers. They exchanged numbers because she needed people to whatsapp, she did not see why it was such a big deal. She was working at her first job, poorly paying but at least it kept her busy. He wasn’t doing anything permanent at that particular moment. They talked from the moment one woke up until time for bed. She was usually the one to go to bed first as she was the one who had to wake up early. They spoke about everything and anything,what they were having for breakfast, what was on tv that they thought the other shouldn’t miss out on, they just talked.

On the rare occasion, they bore their hearts, one had a bad day and shared with the other and through serious words, offers of prayer and a few funny pictures, the burden was shared, the burden was halved. It had been only 6 months. It had been as full as a pregnancy would be at 6 months, quite grown but still needing a lot more time.

“2 years, I’ll be gone for only 2 years” he said softly,

“I’ll be back before you even notice” he added with a tad too much enthusiasm




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