February will be a good month

Something happened to me some time last week, it might have been the January heat, but my appetite has been disturbing me of late. The worst part is I kept getting hungry, it would be okay if the hunger disappeared along with the appetite but no, it just had to stay. As such, I have been having not so good days because I am supposed to be productive at work and yet that is impossible when the blood sugar is low.

However, somebody has loved on me today. A sweet angel dressed up as a human being has noticed my dilemma and decided to treat me. The first thing this awesome being did was encourage me to open an account with Hellofood; I started off by giving the excuse that my phone was not smart enough to download the app which was designed for both android and iOS; as you may have already guessed, my phone subscribes to neither. He went ahead to show me that I could actually set up my account online without the app, I could actually do it from my desk on my PC (side note: A long life to people who develop desktop versions of cool stuff like Hellofood.)

It has taken me less than 5 minutes to have my account set up. As I had earlier mentioned, I am a picky eater, I never really know what I want to eat, as in I need some good time with the menu before I settle on something, The Hellofood website has been  like heaven to me, I did not just have a food menu, I had a restaurant menu depending on the location I entered; imagine that! I first browsed the restaurants of course and I settled on The Bistro Restaurant because it is pretty near and I was near starvation. After browsing the menu, I decided upon their chicken burger with fries on the side.

The first thing I received was an email confirming that my account had been approved, less than 10 minutes later, I received a text message confirming that the Bistro had received my order and they would be delivering in a short while. then about 15 minutes later, I received a phone call from a gentleman who wanted to confirm the directions to my office. The truth is I was ecstatic, I did not want to show the person who had treated me how ecstatic but come on, a burger delivered within approximately 23 minutes on a Tuesday! My week is made, in fact even my month.

Dear, nice guy who might be eye-ing me, I am not a troublesome Valentine’s day date, Just use Hellofood to order me food every once in a while (I mean thrice a week) and I won’t even pay attention to that day. I am so happy and amazed at the short time it took, I even took a selfie.

That is I, after consuming the Burger :)
That is I, after consuming the Burger 🙂

2 thoughts on “February will be a good month

  1. hahahhahahaa u did it again Guulo…yo like a writing guru…luv yo stories too…and kudos to u who is not a troublesome valentine date.


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