No such thing

There is no such thing as writer’s block. There is fatigue, boredom, disinterest, lack of passion and struggling to find/make the time to write; but there is no such thing as writer’s block. When writers do not write, they feel incomplete. Writers are always writing. Their brains were made in such a way that anything can be pen and anything can be paper. Their thoughts are aligned on the corridors of their brains and they organize themselves into small paragraphs, stories and manuscripts that sometimes recur in dreams. When writers do not write, they feel unfaithful.


I recently asked a friend how he manages to write every week, sometimes writing 3-4 articles a week that are expected to both make sense and be interesting. He did not respond because his mind was focused on like a million different things, one of them being the blog post he was trying to complete. I did not push it. It must have been because I knew the answer; that he chooses to write, that he does not create obstacle after obstacle calling them the perfect conditions required for him to write. He simply sits down and starts writing.

I ran into an old friend from high school the other week. It was great catching up but strangely seeing her brought back memories of English class. Of that last assignment a teacher we considered rather mean with his marks gave us, and the composition I wrote that time. What I consider the last time I wrote a good story. I became nostalgic. How do I get back to that? To writing fiction I am proud to show off. But I remember that it was not all of a sudden. It had been months of following the teacher’s advice on how to familiarize self with all the corners and sides of the English language, reading stories and trying to pick up writing styles and learning how messages are communicated beautifully through stories. It took work. Work I was happy to do, work that hardly ever felt like work.

write 3

There is no such thing as writer’s block. There is work, and it does not always look the same. There is a chance that the work I did in high school ten or so years ago is not the same work I have to do now. There is a lot of living that can be done in ten years, so many lessons and experiences that can contribute to a good story. I need to be open to what this work may look like. It may be a date with a stranger I meet online, it may be a sleepover at a friend’s house, it may be a visit to the spa, a walk by myself to clear my head, a night of star gazing or even prayer. Whatever the work, I will do it.


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