of friends and poems

I have many friends who love and write poetry but I think I have found my favourite one.

This is what I wrote, in a random moment where words just sprung to mind, I texted him one verse. I couldn’t go on. I was out of words but I thought who better to send these unedited random thoughts to. I was not wrong.

If I gave you my palm,
Would you read me my future?
Would it have brighter days ahead
or dark days that will put my strength to use
Will lines form across your face
as you see a horrible heartache looming ahead
or will they dance with joy
because “they are twins”

A couple of hours later, this is what he sent me in a text

“Beautiful Poem

Thinking about it.

I wrote something.”

Then followed that with these following lines

You gave me your palm before
Perhaps this would be an encore,
Our fingers intertwined
We traced each others lines,
What was soft and hard
Gave me a thing to think about.

In that rosy moment 
At Coffee at last
I did not tell you then
But what I saw, I’ll tell you now.

I read faith in gentle fingers
Resting in the moment;
I understood hope realised
After all our longing;
I touched love, your pulse
As I felt your cadence.

The paths I traced
I know do not change
They are found in the One
In whom we both rest.

Faith, Hope and Love
Will take you through the days
The bright, the grey
And those that you can’t explain.

I know if I read your palm today
You would have the same future I saw that day
One where you are found in the beautiful Son
One where no one can put out His marvelous Sun.

…and all I could manage was a simple, wow


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