A month to go…

It is exactly a month until the day I will conclude this first quarter century that I have lived on this planet. 25. it should be an iconic age, right? because after it I can say that I am in my late twenties. I do not remember accurately but I think when I was way younger like about 10 or so, I thought this is the age at which I would either be getting married or having a baby. 30 days left and no, there is neither engagement ring on my finger nor significant other whose arm could be twisted into popping the question.

A few days back, as I was walking up my beautiful hill on my way home, it occurred to me that I had been so absorbed in a couple of things that were not going so well in my life that I had forgotten that I was living my dream. Is it all rosy? To be honest, no. There have been days I was walking around like a Zombie because my eyes were heavy with sleep, books I have failed to read because all I ever want to do is sleep. There have been a few other hiccups along the way but the fact still remains, I am living my dream.

I remember, sometime around May this year when I ran into a good friend of mine who I had not seen in a really long time. We got talking and it turned out we pretty much were in the same place in our journeys. Our stories were so similar especially concerning work. We had both been unhappy but at that point in time, we had both just found peace. We had both just learnt how to surrender and trust God that he knows our hearts and will lead us into the opportunities we were desperate for.

It is a month to my birthday and as is my ritual, I am writing myself a reflective blog post. I did not do so for my last birthday because I was busy sulking and being sad about life. This time round, I am determined to simply be grateful. The Lord has been good to me. God is good to me still.


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