Because Friday #UgBloggers7Days – Day 5

“…and I’m beginning to be an optimist about this…”

That is some nice song, Pompeii by Bastille. It has just been playing on radio and now it will not stop playing in my head. TGIF!!!! YOLO!!! OMG!!! and all the other abbreviations that are meant o display excitement in text. It is Friday, people. I never need a reason beyond the fact that it is Friday to be excited on a Friday. Never mind that the band I was meant to go watch and enjoy with a friend has cancelled tonight’s gig and now I am left without Friday plans. Never mind that there is some weird heat in the atmosphere that feels like it is just sitting around my shoulders and slowing the gears in my brain. Never mind that you are not here. It is Friday. Friday makes me happy


I love Friday so much that I think I even work better on Fridays. However,not everyone is as awesome an employee as yours truly. I am Loyal! Some may need a little extra motivation to stay awake the entire day. Here a few suggestions of ways to motivate your employees especially on Fridays. (Feel free to pass this onto the HR department)

A nap room.I believe every place of work should have a nap room/area. I mean, it only makes sense that the people who work for you will be tired at some point during the day. This fatigue is usually more on Fridays because they have just worked the whole week.

Ice cream. Considering the kind of weather in this our dear country, I think all office budgets should include a little bit of ice cream, at the very least, two scoops per employee. Of course, one should have the freedom to choose what time of day they will have their ice cream but I would advise right after lunch to keep from eating too much. It therefore follows that, you can save money on that lunch and push it towards the ice cream. You are welcome.

Happy Hour. Now, if you promise your employees happy hour starting at 5pm on Fridays, they will stop demanding for hours that are like for those people who work with embassies mbu work half-day on Fridays. Simply explain to them that the reason they have to work until 5pm is because that is when happy hour starts.

drinks on me

Suspend all meetings. Never EVER schedule for meetings on Fridays. No one has a functioning brain on Friday. There are two kinds of people in the world on Friday. Those who are so excited about the weekend that they can not think of anything else and those who are so bummed about not having weekend plans that they can not think of anything else. In short, no meetings on Friday. No one is hearing you.

Introduce Friday bonuses. Do you know how much harder people will work during the week if they get spending money for the weekend?

But most of all, there is one thing that will keep you from spending all this money on employees on Friday, will keep people from mis-using the office internet and basically just getting in your way. Every Friday should be a Public Holiday





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