All for you #UgBloggers7Days-Day 4

When he hugs me,
I  feel time slowing.
I am almost convinced that
when his long arms
find their way
around my frame,
God hits pause

Sometimes I am hasty with my hugs
As if it is something to simply get done with
But when he hugs me
I draw a deep breath
And think
“I really shouldn’t be thinking now”

Inhale. Inhale. Inhale.
Breathe him in,hold it
Let him into your lungs
Until you feel him in your blood
Just be and let him hug you


It’s easy to miss you, you know
Sitting next to you,finally
Hoping you will not…
and there you go
before my thought is complete
Something else demands your attention

Thinking about you is tricky
one of those,
bitter and sweet moments
sugar on raw mangoes kind of taste
teases your buds in a way
that makes you ask for more

Waiting for you is…
waiting for you feels worth it
So much yet to be discovered,
Treasured and stored;
and held
close, dear and hopefully
for a good while


I am one of those
You know, that type
I say things like
I like the way you laugh
and mean it
Things like
You have a nice smile
and mean it

On some days
I will slide my fingers through yours
Just to compare size
I will place a light one
on the back of your neck
just because.
Wrap my arms around you
because you are warmer

I will say let’s karaoke
for fun, even if we suck
I will invite you to dance
Because I absolutely love the song
I will dance around you in circles
until you get up and join me
I will leave you a note
just saying hi

I thought I’d let you know


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