Does poetry Count?

When I wrote my post yesterday, I was generally enthusiastic and optimistic about this whole thing. It is a challenge and it is fun, surely I can not fail to keep it up for a week. But as soon as I finished my first post, I just felt trouble looming ahead. I had used up all my wit and good stories. Contrary to popular belief, my life is not that eventful. I just smile a lot.

Something happened a few days back that has utterly consumed my mind. I have thought it through, discussed it with a few friends that I trust and gone over it again and again in my head about it but it is still there. Have you ever felt like you had to make a decision yet no one was asking but you still wanted to make that decision, you know, in case anyone ever asks? I think it is my curse, over thinking things along with a great sense of humour and an enchanting smile, but that is not today’s focus. Back to my over thinking things, it has been the reason some of these things have found their way into my dreams. The ones that happen while asleep not the ones we quit our jobs for.

I want to write a poem. I want to express myself in rhyme with metaphors about this issue that has taken my mind captive. I like poetry, it gives me an opportunity to express myself without necessarily being naked, being exposed. I mean, how do I, in a blog post  speak of memories that are as clear as the noon day, they might as well be happening right now, of the unsaid words that are haunting me because the silence was heavier than any verb, noun or adjective that could have been used, of looks…of those looks. I mean how do I do that without turning this into a therapy session?

So, does poetry count? If I wrote a poem, played with syntax and created imagery, took you on a journey into my heart with short sentences and exquisite lines. Does it count for this challenge or will I have to write something else?


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