…at least 250 words…

I am seated here staring at my computer screen begging the internet not to man handle me (man handle, that statement should totally depend on the men you roll with and what you’ve agreed upon in the handling business but I digress) because today I am ready to write this post. There is a blog post I have been trying to write for close to 3 weeks now and I must admit, when I first saw this 7 day blog challenge on twitter, I almost just edited and posted; if only I had more than just a few lines. However the rules do say, at least 250 words. That is my target, at least 250 words.

Imagine if our conversations with people and by this I mean actual face to face conversations and not text messages and emojis thank you, were limited by word count. What if our speech was actually limited to 140 characters? Do you think it would help us draw on our primary school English class wisdom of “Always think before you speak” or would we just short hand our speech? Who am I kidding?  some people already speak like this. I know of some individuals who , I kid you not, no more laugh like the rest of us mere mortals. They seem to consider a deep bellied and hearty laugh a waste of their precious breath which probably if harvested could cure Ebola. So they just “merit” an amusing statement with a simple lol, pronounced laaaaawwwwlll. Never mind that you have spent years sharpening your wit to impress and actually chose each word in your sentence deliberately,never mind.




About this time last year, I was in a writing rut. A good friend of mine suggested it was because I over think the writing process, that my standards were simply too high. He suggested that I just write anything. He actually promised punishment (do not go there) if I went a month without writing. That is how that became my new target, at least one post a month. I mean, how hard could it be? Even with the worst internet on the planet, I would have at least 30 days to try. Even bad internet can not take 30 days to upload one post! For the first 3 or so months , I actually did really well, with 2 or more blog posts in certain months. However, things do not always work out as planned,something happened along the way, I fell off the wagon, I may need to see my sponsor about this setback.

I am wondering, is it because I have nothing worthy to write about? I mean, should I just write for the sake of writing or should I wait for the gods of wisdom and inspiration to bestow their favour upon me and use my fingers and blog as an avenue to show case why they are deity. It should not be a crime really if someone writes only when they have something to write about whether that happens twice a month, twice a day, 250 words or less. It is the words that should count. When did we become slaves of these words and count them instead of letting them do the counting?! I am starting a campaign #bringbackourpower, you can sign the petition by clicking on any of the buttons below the post and/or leaving a comment. We must wake up people! Oh lookey 562 words!


8 thoughts on “…at least 250 words…

  1. If 250 words were the daily limit, I would merely grunt my way through the three hour radio show I do evereyday; such grunting so inspired by The Hulk, and that one badass in EVERY old kungfu movie that always served a can of whoop-ass to the main star, before the movie plot shifted alegences right beneath his feet.

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