The thing about starting

A while back, might have been a month, I posted my 100th blog post on my other blog which incidentally was my first blog. I wrote my first post in late 2009, after my brother had mentioned to me the concept of blogging. He knew I liked to write but did not have any opportunities at that moment so he advised me to try blogging. So, many months later, I googled blog and took the first option I was offered. My first post must be about 50 words, I kid you not. I know, 100 posts in about 5 years is not that impressive, but hey it is better than 0 posts in 5 years.

I started this particular blog, in late 2012 because my elder sister advised that I become serious about blogging. My initial blog felt so personal and not the kind whose link you would share to someone who would like to take a look at your work. So I started an editor’s dream with the hope that some one will discover me and offer me a serious writing gig. I have got about 2 offers, from people who had read my work previously and when an opening came up thought of me. So, it hasn’t been in vain. It has also helped me learn how to write opinion posts and features without getting too emotional.

I love music, as everyone should. How does anyone make it through life without music and lyrics? I do not consider myself to be genre biased; as long as my ear approves, I will like it, Zouk,Socca, Reggae,Ragga, HipHop,RnB,Jazz…the list is endless. I’ve always had an appreciation for Deejays but in late 2011, I met one. I became friends with one; and the more I realised that he was as much of a human being as myself, the more I thought “maybe, I too could…”

Fast forward almost 3 years later, and I just uploaded my first mixtape last week. I had reasons as to why I could not possibly. Some seemed legit but only for a short while. For a short while, I really did not have the equipment. Of course, I have not yet learnt all those fancy things that Deejay’s do. It is an art I tell you! For now, I am still learning how to select the music, how to blend it and getting my own sound. But how does someone who loves all music get a sound?

The thing about starting is, there will always be a reason why you should not start now, or why you should never do it at all. However, if you can make it past that and eventually start, you find that after your first one, the second one will not be so hard, it will not be so daunting, it will not be so foreign. You find that after laying the foundation, the bricks and mortar, though at times challenging are things you do without too much deliberation.

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2 thoughts on “The thing about starting

  1. You should really listen to joe hahn, the linkin park dj. Has a varied repertoire of songs, sounds and stuff. And you do have a sound but i wont spoil the surprise. It’ll come to you

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