The Courage to quit

I have just watched Ben Stiller’s “The secret life of Walter Mitty”. I am a very happy soul in this moment. I love such movies. It is hard to review or to tell another person what it is about, because its specialness transcends words. You should just watch it.

walter mitty 2

Of late I have been thinking about quitting my job. Quit, that sounds like a bad word. I have been dreaming more and more of the day I will walk out of that office for the last time. It is not dramatic; I do not slam doors and scream “asta la vista” to whoever is within earshot; neither do I depart after giving a very inspirational speech about following your dreams and not giving up and the struggle and the wait, no. My dreaming is more of the things that I would like to do. I am not bad at my job, not in the least bit actually. I am a good employee and I would be missed. I bring a lot to the table. However, many days I feel like I just keep getting better at the wrong thing.

walter 4

The things I want to do, I catch glimpses of in terms of volunteer gigs. A big part of me feels it is time to move to this being the main thing. Walter Mitty didn’t quit. Walter Mitty was excellent at his job. However, Walter Mitty often wondered about the things he had wanted to do as a child, the things he still wanted to be. He day dreamed so much, he often zoned out, a concept that is not new to me.

One of these days I am going to walk out of what I have become really good at and become a beginner at what I really love. Thank you Walter Mitty for the inspiration.

Walter Mitty


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