I hope you fall in a ditch and get a compound fracture

Dear page on the internet where I endeavor to put my thoughts,

On Saturday, I kicked a man. and I loved it.

it went something like this
it went something like this

It wasn’t premeditated, no, he grabbed my hand and when I pulled it away, he touched my breast and I kicked him. I totally regret the fact that I kicked him only once and on the side of his thigh. I don’t care about the fact that he looked drunk. I wish I had kicked him in the groin, you know, that part of him that we are made to believe drives certain men to act in such ways.

it really should have been like this
it really should have been like this

I have spent my weekend fantasising about the kind of beat down I would like to give to that man. I wish I had hit him in the face, not just head, in the face with my bag, I wish my zippers would have left a mark on his wretched face.

maybe a scratch like this
maybe a scratch like this

I wish I’d had a weapon,a tree trunk perhaps, something to hit him with, I wish I had left him on the ground writhing in pain, conscious. I wish I’d left him with bruised muscles and a wound that will leave a scar, in a place that will ensure that long after the pain subsides, he will remember it like it was just happening.

I am not a violent person. In fact, I am not even a big fan of calling attention to myself. I do not know why I did it. I am just tired of such men. Disrespectful men. Men who do not consider women to be human beings. There are so many and they seem to be everywhere. So for once, I didn’t think about appearances, I just reacted.

Special shout out goes to my friend who helped me calm down by offering me smirnoff black ice and ginger biscuits (they actually go well together) and just listening to me vent. You are a keeper.



6 thoughts on “I hope you fall in a ditch and get a compound fracture

  1. Well, you’re lucky you have good reflexes. Something similar once happened to me, (ok not quite – a thug somehow ended up walking between my sister and i and he tried opening my sisters bag zipper and my reaction was “hey, stop!” she still makes fun of me to this day) but i regret not slapping the side of his head and/or boxing him in the spine. I think i’m a Ninjette like that but it fails to translate in heated situations.


    1. Truth is, had it happened on a different day, maybe I wouldn’t have but my morning had been so bad to that point, he found me already angry. As for thugs and bags, oba there it is hard to react quick enough, first instinct is always, well…stop


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