One at a time, PLEASE

Cupid’s nemesis is in my house
He sits atop my front porch roof watching
Waiting to lay burdens heavy to whoever dares to draw near
Father won’t listen to daughter won’t speak to Father won’t listen
To the sound of pain cutting through the silence
the fear of desolation
and the overpowering awareness of helplessness.
Fingers pointing at him pointing at her

pointing at them pointing at it pointing at us
Everybody needs an outlet
Everybody releases through breath
Air becomes toxins become nourishment create dis-ease
Lungs are weighed down
Hard at work to preserve life
Light headed heavy hearted, I must push through
To thoughts of him with her in my stead
Of another one picking another one
Of how it is probably that time of year again
At least this I’m used to
This kind of pain my tears recognise
For now, this is all I’ll take


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