What YOU ARE SAYING: Feedback from the fans

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The Lantern Meet of Poets

The Reawakening

Posted on 4th October by Kyomuhendo A. AteenyiKunihira_n

My definition of Art has always been that which it is its sole objective to serve Society. Anything more; anything less; is a shameless imitation of the whole concept. Art is not Art because some conceited individuals and Newspapermen have superficially termed it so. Rather, Art is Art because it must religiously obey and unquestionably serve society. Society is thus its master; it’s guarantor; it’s benefactor; the foundation of its existence; and the very essence of its identity! Without Society, Art cannot exist. Yet Society can exist without Art as is the case where Art fails to live up to the collective needs of society, but, rather painfully, exalts the petty and selfish whims of individuals. For as long as Art remains its Master’s slave, it should in turn be obeyed, loved, lived or even venerated to the point…

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