Introducing Peter Kagayi

#TheAWAKENING . It has been a tradition of mine since about this time last year to blog about a Lantern Meet Recital prior to the event. This time however, they are speaking for themselves.

The Lantern Meet of Poets

When I hear ‘the awakening’, it is not about what I understand, rather what I hear and then visualise. I am not sure I understand it. I hear the sounds of reckon, calling out to me to pay attention. And what I visualise is a silhouette of a man walking towards my door in the early hours. He looks different. Not from here. And he seems to be carrying the sun on his head. But my eyes fail me to make out his face. I do not understand why I see the things I see when I hear ‘the awakening’.

Peter Kagayi, Lantern Meet of Poets

by Anne Namuddu

If you know anyone that has tear provoking patriotism, or whose social consciousness is limping around in circles, or on broken crutches, please… wheel them to Uganda National theatre to meet the Lantern Meet psychotherapist, Peter Kagayi, this 4th and 5th…

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