Often misunderstood by many.

Like a girl,longs to be taken at more than face value.

Attraction is a desire for recognition.

Attraction is a search for completion.


Not all like poles repel,some attract.

Because there is mutual ground,

something special,something that brings

an “us against the world quality”

to be understood without having to explain yourself,

to be seen for who you really are,

to be found.


Unlike poles do attract,

some more unlike than others.

To see something in another’s life,

something lacking in yours.

Wanting to be as close as possible thinking,

maybe just maybe it will rub off on me.

discovering that there are things about someone else

that are helping you understand yourself.

Being accepted where you are yet inspired onto greater.


Looking at someone & knowing you want them in your tomorrow.

Being set on fire not by the perception of the eyes

but your heart,your spirit…

attraction that comes from within

to things that are within still…


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