If I had my way, this is the stuff blind dates would be made of

Last week was bitter sweet for me. A lot of great things happened but also one little thing happened, not a bad thing, just hurt a little bit, then hurt a lot, then hurt in ways I tried to deny were possible. My best friend of about 2 months but I’ve known for 6 is now 10 hours away from me. Yes, we are in different time zones. Let us just say, I am going through my 6 degrees of separation. He left me with alot of memories and presents and love, I really can not complain. Un fortunately, these beautiful gifts are the very things that make missing the person even crazier. It is not a lie, it is possible for even the slightest of things to remind you of a person you miss.


it was amidst this crazy emotional torture that a great thing happened to me. It was one of those days when I was not sure how I was feeling. A friend took me to lunch. Friday lunches are awesome, no pressure, no one is in a hurry, bosses leave early, we are all jolly? Ok, enough with the rhyming. So, back to my friend lunch. It was totally unplanned. There I was wondering what I would have for lunch, I really wasn’t hungry for anything and I receive that amazing  “I’m in the neighborhood phone call”.

This one is anew friend, we have lots of mutual friends so we kind of just eased into the friendship and well, social media has also played its part. There was none of that weirdness given that this was only the second time I was meeting him. I really wonder where he has been all my life. I do not remember the last time I enjoyed myself that much talking to a person.

We talked about the usual, music, weather,Jesus,annoying stuff but my best part are the non-usual, you know, alternate universes, who’s in charge, you or your brain, dreaming of seeming impossibilities and celebrating movies that are just different. I haven’t watched most of his movies and he hasn’t watched many of mine and that was really cool.

At the back of my mind, I was thinking, life might not be so bad after all with my B.F.F on the other side of the world and then I slapped myself. They are incomparable. They are really close friends and hence I saw aspects of one in the other but they are also so wonderfully different. At some point, I wondered if B.F.F had prayed and sent this one to brighten my week.

If friends can enjoy each other’s company like this, why should blind dates be awful? We have mutual friends in as much as they did not suggest we meet, it just happened; which means if it is intentional, it should be much much awesomer! Yes, I’ve made it a word.

It ought to be like this, really fun, no pressure, honest, no airs and should atleast for those few hours take your mind off the one thing or many things that have your heart and mind all twisted up. Why or where do  friends get it so wrong when setting people up? To my friend, you do not know this but you absolutely brightened up my week.


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