Man of Steel, my honest opinion

On Friday last week, my awesome friends and I went to the movies after work, (went to the movies? as if American). The excitement was sky high because we had waited for Man of Steel 3D for months, we bought our tickets at noon for a 7 O’clock movie, our Facebook posts and whats app conversation revolved around it. Get it yet?


We were excited! So, it is Monday and I have decided to give my review of the best movie I have watched this year seeing as I only started watching movies in cinemas this year, embarrassing, I know, but that’s not the point.

It is a great movie, I really love what they did with the story, constantly shifting from his present life to his childhood, obviously they knew we had watched Smallville, we did not need a recap. We wanted what happens after Smallville. The makers did not waste anytime with the action, because our first encounter of an adult SuperMan, is a hot scene!


I mean this literally,he was saving people from a fire. I will admit, I haven’t always been a big superman fan, his costume was somewhat ridiculous for me, maybe it was the men in the costume but this one again I say, was done justice, in the scenes he was wearing it


There is actually a lot to say about this movie, the villain,General Zod and his number one captain were awesome, they did not pull an Iron Man 3 on us and make a joke of a really important element of a comic story,the Villain; every super hero needs a good villain. A worthy opponent. However my best part about this movie was every scene that had this man in it, whether he was fighting, getting beaten, saving his mother, being shirtless, as long as I got to gaze at him, the world was a much better place to live in.





I’ve heard rumours that he starred in some movies prior to this one,  but maybe he did not look this awesome because I do not remember a single thing he said but that man was on fire.

Gloria’s rating 9.8/10


5 thoughts on “Man of Steel, my honest opinion

  1. it sounds like the usual plot of good verses evil, and good obviously taking the day…i kind of want to be surprised, want to sit at the edge of my seat. we all know that 24, prison break…the plot was predictable..evil verses good, gov’t “gone bad”..but there were twists and turns that caused you to gape and sigh…i want a movie that will take me to an emotional roller-coaster…provided it is not a horror…i hate them..


    1. Isaac, it’s not just about the ending, we all know how it ends, Superman has never lost; it is more so the journey, my review might not have done it justice because I was destructed by the character’s looks. The battles are epic! The fights between General Zod, his number 1 who is a female, awesome character by the way and the American army not deciding whether the man in blue is on their side or not is beautiful. It wasn’t the usual kryptonite, the rock weakens him and hence they have an advantage, they took a totally different approach to it all. I think the story was well done, the soundtracks, I give them a 10/10, created the perfect build and at some point, you’d forget you are holding your breath. This is one definitely worth watching. I might just write another review even 🙂


  2. Such a girlish review! But well oh well this guy’s cuteness justifies his lack of acting skills! Hadnt been to cinema before this year! Embarassed on yo bequarter! 😀


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