Why you shouldn’t watch/listen to the weather forecast.

Let me start by saying, I don’t believe in any kind of forecasting because who can really tell what the future will bring. The best any of us can do is project or even guess, cross our fingers and hope we are right. Below are a few observations as to why you shouldn’t trust what you hear on weather forecasts in Uganda.

1.      We do not have definite seasons with known mannerisms like winter, summer or autumn. We know only three things; it is either raining, threatening to rain or has just stopped raining. Somewhere in between the sun will burn you like you share a lover. It can rain and shine within the same minute. Don’t trust what people tell you, always have an umbrella, jacket and a pair of sun glasses on you.

2.      It is all hearsay. No one actually goes through the trouble to get that daily information from the meteorological centre (how many people even know that word?!). It is all guess work!!!!!! Enough said

3.      Who has that patience anyway? By the time you make it through the headlines, the stories about dosing/quarrelling/arrested MP’s, strikes(either in a university or factory or street), strange stories from a village whose name is new to you, sports news, business news…and you are still watching news?!

4.      It takes away your excuses. If you knew exactly what the weather is going to be; on the off chance that the guess was accurate, what reason would you have for wearing knee high boots on the hottest day of the month or donning that cute sleeveless,backless top when it’s raining cat and dogs? You see my point?

5.      Life is lived better when you don’t know the future. Too much planning is not good, we ought to live a little to chance.



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