Hire Me already

I work for an HR consultancy firm and contrary to what most people think, we are not the ones who give out jobs! We are middle men, brokers if I may say. We are just getting paid to do someone else’s work, let us say we thrive off HR departments being understaffed and hence the need for outsourcing.

The nature of my job description hence dictates that I spend alot of time looking through people’s resumes and I am slowly but surely becoming an expert in writing a good resume/CV. I have tailored mine to many jobs and perfected it to make sure I do not undersell myself like many of us are in the habit of doing. You may be able to impress, once hired, you might even be able to blow the interview panel away, “if given a chance” like most of you write but with a bad CV, we will never get to know that for sure. Your CV is your introduction, it is what total strangers use to decide whether you are worth their time. Harsh but true.

A good CV is not hard to create if you understand what is considered important in a resume. According to me, these are the things that are key to a good resume

1. Where you’ve worked

2. How long you worked there

3. What you did/have  done; and this does not refer to your job title, but what were you actually involved in and how did it contribute to the bottom line?

It really is that simple, the rest are just details. It goes without saying that you should include your personal and contact information; and in this day an age, everyone really ought to have an email address.

Another really simple thing that many take for granted is presentation. Yes, it matters what font you use. While Ms Script might look appealing for poetry, it does not work in your favour when trying to present your most serious self. Always do a spell check, mind your spacing and a well aligned document speaks volumes about the person who prepared it. All it boils down to is, take some time and put some real effort into this document and maybe you’ll get that call back that you never seem to. I say maybe because there are many factors at play but remember, always lead with your best foot forward.

That said, I need to go apply to a certain media house if you will excuse me.


4 thoughts on “Hire Me already

  1. Thanks for sharing this great insight. Amazing what a lot of people will submit as their first impression (which more often than not ends up being their last impression) because they did not take the time to “lead with their Best foot” as you pointed out!


    1. You are welcome Paul. Of course there are many reasons we might not get a call back but at least it should never be because of a poorly written resume


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