Kisses on the neck

I want to kiss you on the neck, my Love;

more intimately than when I kiss you on the cheek

but without the usual-ness of a kiss on the lips.

I want to know you more; this kiss seems to suggest,

to whisper to you secrets about me. Intimacy

I want to breathe you in and hold it.

I’m making memories.

I’m etching your scent into the core of my very being. Spirit

My arms around your neck, yours around my waist…
I am my Beloved’s and He is mine. Ownership


I am intoxicated with Love,

not a single thought of my own do I still hold, we are one.

You are mindful of me and my mind is full of you.

My mind is you. Surrender

Your eyes my horizon, my mirror,

I behold to see who I am.

You are my definition!

My every move is chartered by your Word;

promises to whom impossibility is impossible;

repentance is unknown. Vows

You smile and beauty engulfs me.

I want to kiss you on the neck, my love.


10 thoughts on “Kisses on the neck

    1. Funny thing is I wasn’t trying to be misleading;I even deleted the original final line. it was
      “I want to kiss you on the neck Jesus” and I was truly writing it for Him. Thank you 🙂


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