The Origins of things

These things that we write with our flashlights; trying to borrow from the many movies where the hero and his passion stayed awake after lights out…

Our hero is usually the mis/un understood kid at boarding school or the inmate who isn’t just a crook, he has dreams too. Well, it is lights out for me as well. UMEME has pulled one on me. So, I use the flashlight on my phone; indeed I have got my money’s worth with this one.

So(another so?) many things running through my mind as my tongue runs across my teeth; not to clean them, no, to try and recapture the taste which was so real only moments ago. I know why Africa is not the origin of forks! We were originally hunters, as I’ve been told, then we discovered fire. I am not sure of the order but I’d hate to imagine the taste of raw elephant. But muchomo…now that is another story. Allow me tell this tale of heaven on earth. In science class, we were told that meat was smoked & salted as one of the many ways to preserve it.

However, what they neglected to tell us was that it is only the best way to eat meat! Yes, smoked, roasted, drawing out all its meatiness from its depth to the surface. The smoke serves to wet your appetite and a tease after to remind you of what once was.

There’s only one way to eat muchomo/roast, whatever! With your bare hands. Yes, both of them. It is even more delicious when you don’t have any of these modern things mbu tables. No, settle yourself on the ground, shut out the rest of the world and make love to your food. Cooked things are not always the best to go with chomos (yes, I am affectionate like that) simanya cassava and friends. The raw-er, the better. Fresh tomatoes, cabbages…those ones.

Life must have been awesome before this gender equality misunderstanding. I mean, the women pick the tomatoes, cabbages, the men bring the meat. Why would that marriage end?

It is totally acceptable to lick your fingers and make smacking noises as you do so. The occasional moan and groan as flesh meets tongue is to be expected. They were a happy bunch, these Africans. All that was required for dates was for you to show up and eat meat! I want to go back in time.


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