Smoking guns

Smoking guns

We made rings with our smoke

and held the joint between two fingers

like the experts we were

took deep breaths and sighed

this s**t is good!


We reasoned with reason

started and won arguments

shook our fists high in their faces

we would not be silenced!

Our rights were our ammunition

the swords in our mouths

thirsty for blood


Declarations of allegiance were made

blood from fresh cuts we mixed

in a blood brother seal

we were one!


The nightmares we had, the same

falling in the freedom we fight for in our wake

trapped in endless liberation circles

stumbling in darkness

looking for the next badge to wear

hearing our names where they were not called


That whispering voice we ignored

for His message offends us

“all this shall pass”?

we can’t be fighting for nothing

we can’t be on sinking sand

“just receive”?

we cannot give up ourselves to another


But night after night

our fear gains on us

abysmal depth despair haunts us

hopelessness stares back at us in the mirror

dark eyes piercing souls, agonised

“is this it?”


But once again we come together

put meaning to words

and dare ourselves to speak them

safe in the white air forming the muscle of our union

“this is enlightenment”

we try to convince ourselves

blowing smoke

and sipping drinks with finesse

as the experts we are.


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